The Poetess

Written by: Connie Marcum Wong

There lives with-in, a grande dame fair,
goddess of many talents rare.
Yet, humble in her own shy way,
she weaves her words without delay, beyond compare.

You might just think she lives to write,
that poetry consumes her sight.
I see a soul that lives to love . . .
to share below and rise above, in divine light.

A beauty only few can see
is gifted in her poetry.
As dawn reveals through clouded sky
the glory of its golden eye, in majesty.

A tapestry in varied hues . . .
a rainbow painted over blues.
Her lovely words continue on.
They’ll live long after she is gone, to greet her muse.

This poem is in The Florette form created by Jan Turner

‘Since the Sumerian poet Enheduanna carved her odes to the 
goddess Inanna in cuneiform tablets more than 4,500 years ago,
civilizations have expressed their most beautiful, tragic, triumphant,
and perceptive thoughts through poetry.’