A Cherished Memory

Written by: Rick Parise

Rusted with memories among emerald blades the old bicycle sat silent as she reminisced youthful days From the aged old window to the hill of satin dream where freedom fell priceless she sped down the lane In sunlight and song her hair danced as she swayed she kicked her heels outward as the breeze took her away Down past the red barn and over the creek through the meadow of scarlet flowers and along the green thicket In flight her soul cried out as she circled the lane then headed on homeward to shine the dusty frame And in that mere moment contentment filled her soul just her a summer day and her Lady Gazelle of gold ~ waking in her easy chair a glowing love touched her soul as she glanced out the window where a memory had strolled...... ____________________________________________
A Lady Gazelle was a popular bike for the 1940's and 1950's