Holding on to the year

Written by: Sahitya Poonacha

Another year goes by
I watch stunned
I watch the time fly
All the laughter
All the joy
Slipped through my fingers
Like water
And before I knew it
It was all over
Gone is the year
And I sit here
Dreaming about it
Longing for another day
Of the same happiness
A new beginning awaits me
A new year calls out
But all I want is this year
Call me selfish
Call me silly
But I want to sit here
In this year
Rather than the next
No year could compare
To this carefree one
The next one scares me
It mocks me
Because that will be the end
Of all my years
It marks all my fears
Choices will come
Decisions will be for me to make
But all I ever wanted
Was a life without inhibition
And now I'm stranded
Can't go back
Don't want to go forward
Where is that power
That had been with me for so long
Where is the lover
Who I never
Looked for
Will I find it all in next year
Will I find
What I couldn't find in this year?
If that is the case
Then I want to go
Just to find my future
Just to find find what I am looking for.