Written by: Curtis Moorman


It is said that the caveman invented fire
Oh so long ago
But listen close, for I'm no liar
The caveman theory isn't so

Fire was invented by the sole Creator
The One who made heaven and earth
Not by the caveman centuries later
God gave fire its birth

We know not when He did it
That's irrelevant, you see
Though some refuse to admit it
He also created you and me

In His Own image, He created us
Yet none of us is the same
But this same God who made man from dust
Calls every star by name

He knows the number of hairs on your head
He knows when a sparrow falls
He raised His Only Son from the dead
You should listen when He calls

Now lest you think me a deceiver
And this poem is not about fire
There's a place called hell for the unbeliever
Just remember, I'm not a liar

Curtis Moorman
30 April 2012

For Rick Parise's contest