Grand Ancient Rivers

Written by: Walter Williams

Flow mighty rivers, what all have you seen
Rise and fall of empires, string of storied kings
As veins carry blood, you give Earth its life
Carving the landscape as if done by a knife
Ancient, so ancient, much older than man
Incredible show of Gods mighty hand
Oh Nile and Amazon, visions so vivid
What secrets you keep alongside the pyramids
Yangtze and Yellow, through China you flow
Fog and mist rising, light and shadow aglow
OB-Irtysh, Lena and Yenisey too
Through grand scenic Russia, mysteries come into view
Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio you carry
Life giving waters, beside you we tarry
The vanity of man, tis he gives you names
creating boundaries, staking his claims
How much blood has been spilled, along sacred shores
Man wants all you can give, and then he wants more
You were here long before him, and will flow when he's gone
Still rushing and rippling your beautiful songs
Reflections of Sun and of Moon on your face
Inspire our souls with power and grace
We've drank and bathed, and cried on your shores
We've polluted and dumped, filling your pores
Please forgive us our trespass, in time we will go
Still rivers, grand ancient rivers will continue to flow