Hope in the Sky

Written by: Constance Gilmore

 The sky matches my mood, dreary and gray,
 Raining my tears on this darkened day.
 I look up and watch an eagle soar on by,
 Wishing I was he that far away I could fly.
 Wanting to escape this life that I lead,
 Feeling like a failure with no room to succeed.
 The storm saddens my already sour mood,
 Allowing my depression to fester and brood.
 I look down and the tears quickly leave my face.
 Sadness and pain continue to invade my space.
 I look back up to see the same gliding eagle,
 Beautiful in flight, looking amazingly regal,
 And in the background, there is a bright rainbow
 Breaking through the darkness with its radiant glow;
 God’s promise telling me that everything will be okay,
 To keep my head up and to continue to pray.
 A symbol of hope in which things will get better,
 All written down in this vibrantly hued letter.
 Signed, sealed, and delivered directly from Heaven,
 His signature written in dazzling colors of seven.
 I smile because I know that trouble doesn’t last always
 And my mood lifts with the emerging of the sun’s rays.
 In that moment, faith is what I learned to keep
 And there’s a rainbow in the storm, so no need to weep.