The Vacation-Part 6 of 7

Written by: sadaf syed

I couldn't just hang around and wait,
And by the time I'd call the force it would be late.
In a few minutes, to the place terrorists stood he'd unknowingly collide.
With each step of his my heart raced,eyes grew wide.

Still in my sight, the other way around was the military,
But from their positions each other they weren't able to see.
I couldn't sit idle anymore
In a matter of seconds they'd kill Jake for sure.

A drastic step came into my mind,
Besides that there was no other choice I could find.
"God,please help me.",I fervently prayed
And jumped out,no longer hidden stayed.

I shouted at the top of my voice,all their attention I caught,
Waved my arms at the army men and from behind was shot.
There was a round of firing,the men in no time closed in
It soon ended and I know they did win.

My love appeared in front of my face,his eyes wet,
"You did this for me,didn't you?"He was upset.
"Please don't leave me",he begged."Please hold on."
I uttered,"Don't worry dear,your love is strong."