Spiritual Thought

Written by: peggy caulfield

The Scriptures cannot emphasize
enough the need to scrutinize
one's life.
If one will visualize
himself as hanging over the fires of hell
by a tiny string, they will recognize
their need for God and turn to Him.
One cannot hide from God
by putting on a disguise.
He is an all-knowing God.
He is a great and mighty judge
who some dare to antagonize
when they advertise
their unremorseful sin.
People of all walks of life
try to patronize
our wonderful God,
but God is not a wimp.
When one repents and turns to God
they analyze
their lives through the Word of God.
They strive not to jeopardize
their friendship with a holy God.
The Word of God is there to sterilize
their lives from sin,
and sin in the christian life will paralyze.