Tulips Grace The Table

Written by: Annie Brittle

I suppose it's a day like any other.

I don't know how it starts,
I never see a beginning or end,
Morning or sunset,

But I know I would have woken
With you beside me,
And gone to sleep 
With you around me.

The only part I ever see
Is this:

There's a vase of tulips, Spring Green,
Gracing the table, and the sunlight
Seeps through the water, glowing.

It's a kitchen.

I realise that there are certain words that fit here, like

     'ours' and 
          'home' and 


And from the opaline windows
To the polished floor, oak,
I see signs of you and signs of me.

It's our home.

It's us.

It's you, me,
Owning things,

It's a simple pleasure, this dream.