The Once Dead Boy - Revised

Written by: Terrell Martin

The Once Dead Boy - Revised 
Once upon a time there lived a little boy 
Who filled his mother’s heart with boundless joy.
This sweet young lad was pure as snow
Spreading goodness and kindness like seeds that grow.
People couldn’t help but notice his eyes
Always shining brightly and looking up high.
He laughed and smiled from dawn to days end;
Never spoke a bad word and couldn’t count all his friends.
Boys and girls and grownups galore;
Everybody loved him until he laughed no more.  
While riding his bike on a warm, spring day
A car rounded a corner and took him away.
But he never saw it coming and floated so high
Watching his dear mother weep, wail and cry.
“Why God, why God, why God me? 
Why not another boy from across the sea?”
She cursed, fumed, begged and pleaded
But all her pain went quite unheeded.
Meanwhile the child just set his sights 
On a place he knew beyond the light
Shining down from high above
With the pull so strong of pure, deep love.  
As he traveled wide and went so far 
Beyond the blue and past the stars;
Galaxies were toys just hanging there
Like a baby’s mobile in the cool night air. 
While time stood still and truth became dreams
And he knew the answers to everything
From Aristotle to the age of space 
And found himself without a trace;
While still connected to his mother’s mind, awakening
From his coma in the nick of time.
While the doctors said he was surely dead 
For a while, who knows for certain?
(It’s a fine line between here and gone
And drawing the final curtain).
The moral of the story is the boy survived 
Because no one knows the difference 
Between dead and alive.