The Sons of God

Written by: Diana Mohammed

No longer do we turn our heads
nor do we walk among the dead
No longer ignorance afford
for we have known the risen Lord

No longer hate we manifest
but iniquities we do detest
With consciences made sound and clear
our souls by blood are now made pure

No longer are we sons of men
when righteousness we now defend
nor are our hearts to earth are drawn
for we behold creation born

No longer as mankind now sees
but as made new when glory frees
the captured souls by word of truth
when all men yet discard their youth

No longer are the poor neglect
upon the weak bonds to deflect
For we are they with hearts contrite
Yea, led to walk in living light

The work of glory, faith by grace
the reconciliation great
the love and triumph of our Lord
sons of peace and fullness of God

For we have hope of restoration
of our souls unto salvation
and to God shall be declared
the names of sons of men repaired

who no longer lust in sin
whose hearts do soar with Christ within
who declare truth that God is just
whose joy has purchased life for us

For our God honours faith with grace
to raise our souls to our Lord's place
where judgement of our works rewards
and crowns the righteous sons of God...

1 John 3:1::  Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us,
                     that we should be called the Sons of God: therefore the world knoweth 
                     us not, because they knew him not.