Life of wonder

Written by: Walter Williams

In this life of wonder, travelled near and far
Exploring many destinations by train, plane, boat and car
Mixed with feeling, strength and frailty, each unique to me
Through these distorted lenses, did all these wonders see
Countless perceptions and different views on Earth
What one may view as serious, others see with mirth
Seen miracles of science and history unfold
Alas, in just one lifetime, so much remains untold
If I finally did know everything, still would be untrue
For those who follow behind me, would have a different view
Life is fluid, everchanging, nothing stays the same
curiosity rearranging, only memories remain
Truly live, experience, each moment in your life
For in the end, it was the journey, that made it all so right
Cherish every hug and kiss, understand their power
For in this big wide world of wonder, memories fill our twilight hours
Feel, treasure everything and keep it safely in your soul
In this way you'll feel its comfort as the days grow old
Live your life of wonder, carry it with pride
but remember, twas the little things that made it worth the ride