Man In Despair

Written by: peggy caulfield

Sadly I see by the busy road way,
That a man lies down at the end of day.
Quickly, from the noise, he pulls back in retreat,
And he draws his warmth from the grate in the street.

All his clothes, are but filthy rags,
And all he owns is beside him in his bags.
His face is haggard and warn with pain,
As now he sees nothing, in life he can gain.

A bottle of wine lays snuggled in his arm,
And having drunk so much, he fears no harm.
This man's self respect went out the door,
As his sin habits gradually made him poor.

In daylight hours, this  man spends all his time,
Begging the passer byers to spare him a dime.
In garbage he searches in hopes that he'll find,
a left over morsel of any kind.

What brings a man so low in his life?
Maybe its grief over his passed away wife.
Whatever it be, self pity takes hold,
And all his life, to the devil is sold.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the answer to this man's needs,
So christians do not pass him by without planting the seeds.
Jesus died on the cross for all mankind,
And this despairing man need not be left behind.