MS Dhoni


Here is our Indian Hero,MS Dhoni,
an ideal role model to many.
Whenever Dhoni is batting at the crease,
viewers say,"Do not disturb me please"!
He regards Seven as his lucky number,
and he is as cool as a cucumber.
Everytime he comes onto the field,he prays to the Sun,
and later returns to the pavilion with an emphatic win.
He looks calm and composed in any kind of situation,
and turns the team into a mood of celebration.
He is a real hard-hitter of the cricket ball,
and the target set by the opposition seems to be small.
He is very sharp behind the stumps,
and extremely quick between the wickets.
He is a perfect modern day game changer,
and the opposition can sense that they are in danger!
He absolutely loves executing "The Helicopter Shot",
and no other player can match his talent,in short.
He tries to bring the best out of every player,
and always looks at things in a positive manner.
He has been listed among the top 100 by "The Times",
and hope he achieves many more in his future games.