This state of confusion

Written by: Mark Russell

It seems quite the same time after time,
I sort through the pieces to see what is mine.
 The clock is ticking, the spring unwinds.
I guess it peace of mind that I’m hoping to find.

I feel simply lost, in a state of confusion,
Is this what I dreamed or just an illusion?
The answer’s before me, but no conclusion,
I wonder if all that I see is just delusion.

I try just to swim but I go under,
I see a flash but hear no thunder.
Was it all real or another blunder?
I’m still quite uncertain so I wonder.

I look to the sky and try to believe,
I want to stay but see I must leave.
I get entangled in the web that I weave,
I haven’t a trick left up my sleeve.

I try to move but find I’m unable,
All that remains are crumbs at the table.
I watch from the edge the ground is unstable,
It seems so unreal like what is inside a fable.

I look for an answer but none can be found,
Life passes by, without  making even a sound.
My head in the clouds, my feet on the ground,
Time after time this continues to come around.