In these words

Written by: Mark Russell

I write these words to be found,
I miss that you are not around.
I wonder if you are okay,
That is what I wish to say.

I just wanted you to know,
The sun shall shine the light will show.
That you never have to go it all alone,
A house, does not make a home.

I think about all I lost,
I see the price, what it cost.
I seem to do a little better today,
It’s been some time since I lost my way.

The sun warms up, it stills my mind,
I try to leave the past behind.
I just can’t go there anymore,
What comes next I can’t be sure.

The day lingers, the wind blows,
The world still spins, the river flows.
I find some peace inside myself,
I pull my life off of the shelf.

Life goes on and I still care,
I look, but find no one there.
Still I hope for something more,
I gather the pieces up from the floor.

I hope someday that we can talk,
Side by side like we used to walk.
Talk about how things now are,
Then turn and wish upon a star.