Friendship is gone

Written by: Mike Hobson

After eight years it is over
Im No longer beside ya
Your friendship is gone
For this I do long

To get and be gotten
Your never forgotten
Your friendship is gone
For this I do long

Your thoughts could calm 
My thoughts of harm
Your sweet embrace and delicate taste
I crave these things that are now just
A sweet dream

I can't share my thoughts with you
I can't tell you I miss you
But my thoughts are still with you 
Even now I'm no longer beside you

To be friends once again to be
Able to mend the friendship I lost
What would it cost

I know it can't be done
Your friendship can't be won
But if it could,I would run
And I'd jump the gun.

But our friendship is gone
I now stand on my own
No thoughts we can share
Even though I still care.

I'm no longer beside ya.