Proverbs Thirty-one Quilt

Written by: peggy caulfield

What kind of fancy quilt
Are you stitching up today?
Are you sewing a quilt 
In the Proverbs Thirty-one way?
With each quarter embroidered 
By busy hands of love
Living to please your Saviour
Who is watching from above.
In one block of your quilt
Do you submit to your spouse?
And creatively in another
Are you cleaning up the house?
What about the children
Are they stitched within a square?
Do you stay home within your place
And give them all your care?
What about the family money
Are you thrifty with your dimes?
Have you designated a quilt piece
On how you spend your time?
A devotional time with God
Should be the center of your quilt.
For everyone of your squares
On Jesus Christ should be built.
Your virtuous woman tapestry 
Should have a ruffle on display
Of all the many blessings
God dotes on you each day.