A brother so dear

Written by: Amanda Sullivan

My brother, abit bewildered that day,
to hear of his sisters engagement,
he nearly hit the pavement,
to give his very statement.

He did not like my perspective partner,
for a number of reasons I will answer,
he is not a nasty person, my brother,
in fact he is quite the opposite,
to which I will sit and explain.

The guilty doth stay,
to much array,
of staying in my mothers house,
while she is away.

He takes the biscuit,
to eat my mothers food,
when he is not in the mood,
to stomach it.

Too much beer lunch time you see,
sends you to sleep,
to forget all perspective,
of the reasons my brother fears for me.

He doesn't treat me right,
not giving me the respect I deserve,
to carry the nurse,
who could of been so badly hurt.

My brother so caring and protective,
to see I am respected,
and that I am fulfilled,
as a mother and parentee.

He gets his wish fulfilled,
as I am very happy and contented,
and have been given fulfillment,
as a great mother, sister, and daughter.