Addictive Temptations

Written by: Terry Bass

I find myself focused with sight, I found my prey the moment is right.
 I look around, no one can hear, i'm all alone, no emotion or fear.
 I take a step, quiet with sneak, i pray for no noise not even a squeak.
 I smell that sweet fragrance floating in air, drawing me close guiding my stare.
 Deep red lather entangles my sight, lips wet with passion encourages fight.
 Reaching for weapon, tight grip in hand, striking the blow as quick as i can.
 Juices flowing, color of red, stabbing and cutting, desires in head.
 Weapon used, again and again, giving haste to remove deep within.
 I take a piece, close in hand, smelling the essence, destruction demands.
 I poke and prod and regain my stature,taking a bite from addictions disaster.
 I chew and chew eyes closed with measure,juices surround my mouth with pleasure.
 I swallow each bite, with heavenly pause, the taste of sugar surrounds my jaws.
 I take my weapon tight grip in hand, more and more bites is what i demand.
 Ok so i fooled you, with fork in hand, this is the weapon of choice for a man.
 The evidence is here, you will soon see, the bowl will be empty, im guilty you'll see.
 I will always be weak and fall to temptation, don't trust me alone, i have this fixation.
 I have a weakness don't make this mistake, you can not trust man with cheesecake.

                                                   Terry B.