Written by: Walter Williams

Inspired by the comments of my friend John Rhinem :

Once broken and battered, love's never the same
It is what it is, there's no one to blame
In every life, there comes some pain
The task to grow and love again
Climbing into a shell of self pity and doubt
Convinced to always live without
The larvae trapped within its cocoon
changes and grows by the light of the moon
By the warmth of the sunlight, a crack appears
New life emerging, shedding its tears
Slowly it stretches, spreads delicate wings
colors so vibrant, it flutters and sings
With grace and beauty, it takes to the air
Willing to love, ready to care
The old life long gone, pricked by the thorn
Now truly is new, fresh and reborn
So much beauty and strength, freedom at last
The Phoenix has risen up from the ash