Written by: Robert Ball

Things said between two people in love, are confidential.
The behind closed door conversations are loving and special.
Many things happen to change our lives the unexpected.
Remebering God's laws and edicts in faith together your always respected.

Taking our differences my wife and I, are directed by our Lord.
Loving Jesus His sayings, guides us with our problem and we turn to the "Word."
Marriage is a confidential partnership relying on each other.
With God's Holy Spirit His given wisdom, we learned to love our sisters and brothers.

Being confidential with your maker you learn to trust.
With God's aid His special gift of love and learning about Jesus.
He is spiritually with His children He's never very far away.
Remaining confident in His "Word" we exault the Lord when we pray.

Confidence is a priority with the Fahter, He does keep His promise.
When Jesus walked He acknowledged His disciples with a kiss.
When you are in love with your mate, confidence and trust each other, it brings Love.
This is the confidential part of God has with you, your mate is from the Father up above.