A Night of Dreams

Written by: Terry L. Allen

I sit here at two in the morning
with pencil in hand
for the poem I am penning.
The lights are low 
save the one on my desk.
In the ashtray 
a cigarette is burning.
Gentle spring breezes blow
cool but not cold
wafting scents
of a lawn freshly mowed.
The sheers at the french doors
billow and dance
as the wind puffs and blows.
In the background
the music softly plays,
cascades and flows.
A clarinet, violin, french horn,
and now an oboe
fill my ears
as the fire in the fire place burns low.
Smells of the cookies I baked
nearly an hour ago
still linger and mingle
in and about each nook of the room.
The Jack Russel at my feet
lightly snores
as the cat stretches and circles
for a nap on the hearth floor.
For my public,
what shall I write for them?
What is in store?
Then Bam
a book falls to the floor
and I am jolted from my nap of dreams.
You see 
nothing is always quite
what it seems !!

This poem is part of a series including   Sunset Reverie, An Evening by The Lake, 
Days End, On Comes The Night and Tiny White Canoe