The Democratic Way

Written by: steven cooke

Where the arrow falls
A life is taken
Its flight was always destined to find
The rebel’s heart
The believers who shake this world
Extinguished by the powers of state

For the rule of law defines society
This history that made all men equal
That teaches our children democracy

This democracy that America holds dear
And England expects
Has been stolen, hocked to the highest bidder
Reformed homogenised and re-distributed
By the invisible hand of a powerful few

Your choices defined by control
Hidden in the refuse tip of mankind
Austerity and debt 
Dumped by Druid bankers mesmerizing us 
With chemical whispers that poison our dreams
Democracy has found a new owner
And we are its victim 

A nation of employees procreating our lives in debt
Government no longer the servant
People in a cage, no escape
For we are the slaves
Destined to die in unmarked graves
Forgotten by the winds of time

This illusion that this,  is the bed we choose,
But even this is rented
For all property returns to the soil
Waiting for the next solicitors pen

The money that you earned
Its value now raped
Slowly evaporating in the 
Inflation of wet banker’s dreams
For your democracy was always a dream
And this nightmare is here to stay
Your heroes have all been seconded
To protect the carcass that these jackals share

And the rebels that are left
Will never fire a shot in anger again, 
The slave has nothing to fight for
Because nothing will ever belong to you.
Except for a copy of their democracy
And another bill
For explaining, all this to you.