Dear, Spring

Written by: Deborah Burch

Dear, Spring!

It's May! It's Spring! Sweet aromatic perfumes
Waft upon the breeze, conveying lusty thoughts
Of passion! Timid birds tweet beguiling croons!

It's May! It's Spring! Love seethes the air yet uncaught.
O' May! O' Spring! What stirrings rise deep within--
Intoxicating flowers breating out sin!

Aloft my thoughts are ellipting out of pace!
But, May! Dear, Spring! My heart beckons for a taste.

~by deborah burch

~Carol's "Memories of May" contest
*Note: May Day festivals were once a very lusty, sensual, and erotic cellebration! Origins date back to include times of pegan worship and practices...including the May Pole was the celebration of Spring--love and lust... :)