Forgive my Poetry

Written by: Constance Gilmore

Sorry my poetry is not that complex
 Using metaphorical phrases intended to perplex.
 Excuse my poetry for being too emotional
 And sometimes made to be highly sexual.
 My bad my poetry can be quite depressing.
 The topic of abuse I'm always addressing.
 Relationships gone bad, a painful childhood,
 Poems that very rarely focus on the good.
 I apologize if, to you, my poems may lack depth.
 Your bad for lacking the quality of breadth.
 Sorry if my rhyme scheme isn't to your liking.
 Sorry if you don't enjoy anything about my writing.
 So sorry for the scarcity of slick alliteration.
 Sorry! if there, happens to be; "incorrect" (punctuation). 
Oh, pardon me for the flow being so rough.
 Not having enough syllables must be tough stuff.
 Yeah, my erotica is raw, so sorry to offend.
 I thought my sex on paper was pretty well penned.
 So sorry my poems can get a little long.
 I don't find my haikus to be very strong.
 If you haven't noticed, my sorries are sarcastic.
 I don't care how you feel about them one bit.
 Before you get an attitude, let me tell you why.
 Constant Truth stays truthful and she doesn't like to lie.
 My poetry comes from a place of hurt and pain.
 It's very therapeutic and keeps me mentally sane.
 My poetry comes from the core of my soul,
 To inspire others is my ultimate goal.
 My poetry is genuine and truly heartfelt
 Meant to make the coldest of cold hearts melt.
 Poetry is abstract, not meant to be concrete.
 Open up your mind, you're in for a real treat.
 Excuse my ramblings, I just had to apologize
 For writing poems that the close-minded despise.