God Is

Written by: Judy Radach

He is the God of such tender mercies,
   He is the God of pure joy, so complete.
He is the God of so much loving kindness,
   Come, taste His Word, come taste, see how sweet.

He is the God who desires all people
   to come to repentance, and know He's "I Am".
He is the God who died for His children,
   The God who became the Sacrifice Lamb.

He is the God who is so long suffering,
   He waits with patience , but we would delay.
There is the world and Satan would tempt us,
   and promise us much to lead us astray.

He is the God who provides us with armour,
   to stand straight and tall and look sin in the eye.
You've Gods Holy Spirit now, living within you,
   guiding you, keeping you, drawing you nigh.

He is a good God, and He is a great  God,
   our Heavenly Father, who loves us and cares.
He gives us mercy and He protects us,
   He loves us so much all our burdens He'll bare.