All Things For Him

Written by: Judy Radach

He left His home so high in Glory,
   where the heavenly hosts bow down.
He saw His children lost and fallen,
   saw evil all around.
He came down to redeem them,
   came to them through time and space.
He walked among His loved creation,
   and they spat upon His face.
He left the praise of all the angels
   to become a humble man.
Took human form and went to Calvary,
   Great Jehovah, the I AM.
If He could leave His home, majestic,
   die alone and in disgrace,
Give His life and blood to cleanse me,
   Hang on Calvary in my place,                                                                                        I must commit my whole life to Him,
   must walk with Him day by day.
I will worship and adore HIm,
   I can do His will His way.
If He could go from throne to Calvary,
   just to save my soul from sin
If He could love me so completely,
   I can do all things for Him.