Tragic Love

Written by: Samia Ali Arroyo

They made their camp across the tracks upon the edge of town.
Their colored wagons in a circle, anchored to the ground.
Each night their music could be heard drifting through the air.
Their singing and their dancing, a tradition that they shared.

They cooked their food by fire and they bathed inside the pond.
But none would cross the railroad tracks or venture much beyond.
‘No gypsies, tramps or thieves allowed,’ written on a sign.
‘No crossing back and forth, in either way across the line.’

But there were two who crossed the line at midnight every night.
Their burning love ignited underneath the starry light.
No wooden sign or words of hate could separate the two.
Their passion was undying, and their love was strong and true.

Sadly, the two lovers did not know the strength of hate.
Until they were discovered and they met their tragic fate.
Now their ghosts still meet at midnight underneath the moon.
Two lovers bound forever, their love was gone too soon.

April 26, 2012