A Look You Haven't Seen

Written by: Dan Kearley

I want you to look at the world, for a moment through my eyes Look at the things you neglect to see,it may take you by suprise Look at all the people on the phone,in every city and everywhere They can't live a day without them,if your one,"come on I give you a dare" Did you know you can be tracked by everyone you called and wherever you go? Most people don't even think about this and the rest don't even know How about the great microwave, that we all just seem to need? They help us to heat our food when it's our time to feed Did you know the man that created it, wouldn't even put one in his house? Because of the radiation comming out of it,was enough to kill a mouse? What about all these new wonder drugs that are supposed to help us with our health? Many were easily created with only one thing on their mind,and that is wealth Some are being perscribed by doctors with no idea what the side effects are all about Then no where to again be found,when your liver or kidneys start to go out Now you have seen the world once again, for a moment through my eyes As I ponder all the things that I see,while staring at bright blue skies
Dan Kearley: 4-26-12