Snowy White Owl

Written by: Walter Williams

Snowy white owl, tell me a secret
Should I dwell on the past or should I just leave it
Depth and expression of feelings so strong
Is it a strength or could it be wrong
Longing, yearning, depth of it growing
Explore every feeling, not fully knowing
Past, present, future.....mingled as one
cloudbursts then sunshine, has healing begun
Tender, kind, gentle and pure
passion and caring, in these I am sure
True love, tender mercy, in these I believe
The souls strength and power, I clearly perceive
To give every part of myself is a must
To have and to hold with care and with trust
Snowy white owl, reveal to me
Are such feelings a weakness or pre destiny
Snowy white owl so grand and so fair
Tell me the truth, show me you care