The Wishing Wells of Love

Written by: John Rhinem

Timeless hearts are borne amid a myriad of collectives colourful arrays ~

Yet sometimes I do not whisper soft enough although, when I should 

While being dipped in these many different hues; a world which paints 

Myself a soulful muse; that I truly could be most things for all concerned....

Re-tying a ponderings bow of hopefuls moment within this wishing wells 

Vision; and what is my greatest desires most perfect made dreams?!

Holding that of life; warmly and gently within these, forever loving palms

Touching everything that their beauties may feel deep inside; tenderly

Melting into their worlds emotions; both night and day; a passions ride....

Knowing that we live in a tainted and cynical place; poison for the most 

In shadows left brushing wings and whom can walk away, unscathed?!

But in spite of it all there does so remain, beauty; as a soothing ointment

Pleasing aside this guiding breeze; enchanting, its reassuring melody ~

Empathy, compassion, joy, laughter, tears, pain; these beautiful eyes....

Precious and priceless and sometimes I do not whisper, soft enough!?


....“At The Wishing Wells of Love” *