Near Body Experience

Written by: Mitch White

It was about twelve noon when they asked me to count backwards

Only the potion they used on me just seemed to push me onwards

I got down eighty seven when I heard these voices

"No one has ever gotten this far", "We better give him more C's

I opened my eyes to see seven faces peering down!

I lost consciousness at eighty six, then went void of all sound

I seemed to flip over as I floated up into the ceiling

But not before I saw a candy bar on top that railing

The scene changed to a dark gray, I was really floating

There was an entrance to a castle was before me, looming

I was heading for it when I saw their blurry faces

They were on both sides, moving in their spaces

I tried to make them out, but I went into the tunnel

It was so warm and safe, only for a very short while

A tiny pin of light was just ahead, I regained my sight

I recalled entering the light was sure death. Was I right?

It grew evermore brilliant, I couldn't close my eyes

I heard a voice say " I want to live" for three times

It was a miracle in disguise, as I felt this pull ease up

There was something there, and it wasn't any ghost! Shut up!

I started to float back out of the tunnel, in somewhat relief

Could see the beings at the tunnels entrance, as I retreat?

I was a stones throw away from them when I was jolted to life

I woke in a hospital bed, looking at a doctor dressed all in white