Written by: Dalila Agtani

I am bound for home, A little after midnight After an earthly nightly owl, Over wines, songs and dances The wee hours till we adjourned. While driving in a wooded area When a sudden downpour With a big thunder climaxed me around With total darkness and a blackout prevailed Then, my car slowed to a stop And stranded in the middle of nowhere Oh, I have an empty fuel, my goodness! This very untimely and unfortunate Opportune misgiving on my part! Thinking of some of my remedial intuitions My cell phone is dead! At last, a car light at my back Perhaps a law enforcer Or, maybe somebody came to a rescue A loud knock at my left window Pointing my flashlight where the knock came I saw a… lady in a white gown smiling at me!!
Dalila Agtani 4/26/12 Entered in a contest: Sponsor Gail Doyle Contest Name: Stranded