Yes, i am evil

Written by: Sergey Semushin

Yes, i am evil, but you see
So many mistakes i have done.
And i don't know where will i be
'Cause i'm always on the run.
So many years gone by and still.
I'm the one who doesn't know.
What secret of my destiny,
Am i the one without a role?
But drifting through the swarm of clouds
The pressure's taking me away.
I kept on saying: "i'm alright,
And i have always been this way".
So can you tell me please, what's wrong
With blood that flowing through your veins
Yes, you can run, but feeling strong,
And breaking through the noise of days.
With ground that filled with those who died.
On battlefields or in their beds.
Though sun was shining in the sky,
And colors always felt so red.
So many places yet unknown,
Discovered by the men like gods.
So many witnessed it all,
But world is always going nuts.
My mind so weak, i hardly breath,
I hardly look in someone's eyes.
I colour everything in pink.
To pass my mistakes for the tries.
So calling out, i'm calling you.
I tried to find you, though you're not
The one who helps me to break through
These days of rust and meanless rot.