My Destiny

Written by: Chandelle Bird

Along the way down the road of life I’ve taken a few wrong turns but somehow I managed to find my way over the bridges that I once burned.

I’ve done some things I can’t take back and some things I’m not proud of, but in the end it all made sense I just needed to be taught tough love.

I’ve learned a lot from what I’ve done and it will never go away but I believe it helped me to become who I am today.

I worked my way up to the top then something brought me down but I’m determined to do it again because the courage I have found.

I’ve always been emotional even when people think I’m strong and I’ve been told its ok to cry but fear I’ll be asked what’s wrong?

Now I’m building up all the strength I can to give it everything I got because I have faith in what I do and my vow is not to stop.

I’m gonna make a difference, I’m gonna change for me because I want more than what I have, it’s my future, it’s my destiny.

I’ve set some goals and life-long dreams and put them all on hold but some doors have opened yet again and my future begins to unfold.