Hold On

Written by: Chandelle Bird

How do you hold on to the one you love when that’s not all you’ve been dreaming of?

Is it wrong to wish for something new or is this just something I have to do?

The number of times I tried to go and then you fed me stories and put on a show.

I hear the words you’re trying to say but I’m really not sure I want you to stay.

I’ve been trying to get you to comprehend that this is life, it’s not pretend.

It’s not a game of love and hate it’s about my dreams, my hopes, my life and fate.

I want to live and explore my life and I’m really sorry I can’t be your wife.

I wanted a baby but from no other, I wanted to be your child’s mother.

I wanted a life we both could live, I wanted much more than you could give.

I hoped for a miracle but you couldn’t see, the hurt I was feeling so lonely, just me.

I hate to say this without a doubt but I’ve lost all hope that this will work out.

I’m so afraid to be alone for this broken heart wasn’t made of stone.

You say you love me so if it’s true, then please just do what you said you’d do.