waiting for love

Written by: angel heady

Everyone in this world is searching for true love, 
the special love that comes from the heart,
only with time and patience can it grow with passion 
burning bright like fire for everyone to see
only fear holds the feelings of love back 
never knowing how to open up to the person 
you been waiting for your whole life,  Trying 
so hard to believe the dreams they put into your head
of a happy life with them and letting go of all the doubts inside your head
Only waiting for them to show you how to love them. 
Without doubts and fears of the dreams in the night you share with them
to vanish into thin air,  Like dust in the wind.  
Telling your heart to tear down the walls and to stop waiting for Love 
when it's right there in front of you.  All you ever wanted in love. Can be truly 
yours for the taking.  Just relax and show the world You are beatiful.