Well they gone learn today

Written by: Robert Walker

 they say i have quite the temper
 that's perhaps saying the least.
 but i'm pretty much a decent guy, 
that tries hard to maintain the peace.
they say i smile all the time, 
and wonder how i can be so mean
 well maybe it's because i speak my mind
 and will say just about anything
beleive me i have total respect
 at least for those that show it to me
 and trust me it does'nt take but a sec
 for that to turn 360 degrees
this is why i try to stay to myself
 a not caught up with a lot of friends 
and the few i do have left 
i hope not to snap on them in the end
everyone knows i have a good heart 
but sometimes my mouth is way out of control
 and overall i think im pretty smart 
so how can i harvest such an evil soul
i've even been known to leave some speechless
 at some of the things i would say
 but i feel if they take my kindness for weakness
 then they gone learn today