Written by: Andrew Vassell

Pleasant pleasurable 
spot of delight, let my 
touching spark your 
light. Ventilator by your 
side as you grasp for 
breath tonight. May
my kissing make you
weak, as in this heat 
you fight to remove 
the quilt and sheet.

As your goose bumps 
begins to rise I'm left
to feel I'm touching your
sensitive spot inside
and as the volume of 
your voice increase to
tensely shouts my name,
your sounds would 
drown Marvin Gaye's
sexual healing through
the tension of your
body's feelings.

As your nail sinks
beneath the chocolate
of my skin and your
milk escapes your 
walls within. To see 
the relief as your 
cheeks meet your ears 
but is this the joy you 
patiently waited for all 
these years?

Copyright Andrew Vassell 2012