Celebration of innocense

Written by: David Smalling

O faded moment sand swaddled, a child

Inviolate as the sun, bare to the skin
Nature festive in glee, waves roaring wild
Nothing molesting thought to imply sin
Overtures of praise all grown up to win
Cradled in form of figure muscle carved
Exciting the love undraped eyeballs starved
Naked negro in the sea's shadow hung
Sensitive and shy, drying clothes wharved
Emitted semen of light, life fills my lung.   

Clotheless I, on that beach all day drying
Emerald waters lapping the desire of toes
Latent as the dream for home is pining
Erect and firm in heart's triumph and woes
Beauty in the blackness appeases its foes
Revealing all: faultless skin, faultless soul
Athletic, a tall motion to behold
Touch with her imagination, my skin
Emits a sheen that shudders some like gold
Drain my smile to dregs, I was born to win.