The Feeling Of Forgiveness

Written by: Judy Radach

Oh, the feeling that comes with forgiveness,
   The warm cleansing washing
      with the Blood of the Lamb.
The arms of the Father enfold you completely
   and you know that you know
      you're a child of "I AM".

I am a child of the almighty Father,
   I feel secure in the 
      love of the Son.
He made a promise He'd never leave me.
   There is life everlasting
      in the Eternal One.

He is the Blessed Hope that I cling to
   He is the water 
      to drink and not thirst.
He is the Bread of Life I partake of.
   And in all things
      My Lord Jesus comes first.

Glory, Glory, Glory to Jesus.
   Praises to Him who
      loved me so much.
Give Him all Glory,praise Him forever,
   for His Grace, for His love
      and for His healing touch.