A Haven Of Rest

Written by: Judy Radach

I  will rest safe in His mighty hand.
   I'll rest in His mercy and love.
I draw from His strength
   so victorious I stand.
      I'll rest 'neath the wings of the Dove

I'll trust in His gift of Salvation for man.
   I can, because He died for me.
I will keep faith
   in His redemption plan,
      to be with Him in eternity.

I will love Him, for I know He loves me.
   He is my true faithful Friend.
I believe with my heart
   and confess with my mouth,
      and i'll persevere till the end.

I've found a Haven,
   a Haven of rest.
      A Haven of rest in my Lord.
I've found His strength
   all is well with my soul.
      I know His Word is my sword.