Each Precious Moment

Written by: Walter Williams

Every moment of life has meaning divine
Craft them with love, cherish your time
Remember the past but don't dwell within
for it is here, it is now that joy begins.
There is truth, there is balance in all that we see
from things left unsaid to leaves on a tree.
Let gentle soft rivers flow through your mind.
Treasure each heartbeat, try to be kind.
Be truthful and honest in all that you do.
Pain caused to others one day returns to you.
Tree branches bend from the wind blowing.
Actions have effects, ours seldom knowing.
Reach for the sunlight, enjoy the view.
Love freely given, each second is new.
The soul is a vessel, true love it can make.
In each precious moment, give more than you take.
Single moments in time can shape history.
Create happiness or cause misery.
A morsel of food to a mouth full of hunger
Lives lived with regret, wish to be younger.
Each moment that passes cannot be returned.
Move forward, live fully with all that you've learned.
Time before us, blank canvas to paint
That which is past becomes cloudy and faint.
Life is now. Life is here.
Live, love and laugh, hold it so dear.