The Beast Within

Written by: Samia Ali Arroyo

The people ran in panic.
The sun was almost down.
The clouds were swiftly moving.
Fear had gripped the town.

The man was rushing to get home.
And beat the rising moon.
He raced to save his mortal life.
The beast would be there soon.

He ran along the torch-lit streets.
Looking left and right.
Almost at his humble home.
No monster yet in sight.

Finally, he reached his house.
Nestled in the trees.
Out of breath he stumbled forth.
And fell onto his knees.

That’s when he felt the piercing pain.
Much worse than any bite.
He doubled over, paralyzed.
And screamed into the night.

For there was no where he could run.
No race for him to win.
The horror he sought to escape.
Already dwelled within.

His body started to contort.
His clothes began to tear.
His teeth grew into sharpened fangs.
His body grew thick hair.

The man who had been six feet tall.
Was now a nine foot beast.
His jaw would rip the flesh of men.
Tonight he’d run and feast.

The creature howled up at the moon.
Through tearful eyes he spied.
Although transformed into a wolf.
The man inside still cried.