Blessed with a booty

Written by: Andrew Vassell

Blessed with a booty

Wow wow wow she's blessed 
with a booty and her treasured 
chest matches her beauty. 
Gosh, the sparks in her eyes
and she's even bless with 
thick, strong and healthy 

This lady looks booti-licous
and her fruiti-licous taste 
that leaves me amazed. Don't
give me skinny and boney,
that to me is unhealthy, thick
with flesh, that's just lovely, 
your booty suits me perfectly.

How can I please you if I can't
feel you and if I'm just going to
grind your bones, baby no need
you sitting on my thrown, might
as well I leave you alone. Baby
you do meet my needs and with 
your brain and that body this
love will surely succeed.

Copyright Andrew Vassell 2012