Written by: Andrew Crisci

Serenity reigned all afternoon,
no clouds blocking the face of the sun...
I napped well on a soft sand dune.

The seagulls scattered the salty and wet sand,
looking for dead fish...they ate all the shrimps
that I caught hours before the breeze turned to wind.

" *East of midnight", the silvery sky changed to gray,
I looked up and frowned, " It's time to head for the boardwalk."
Gulls picked up my blanket which floated over Mary.

The rageful gulls became much stronger, I forced my beach hat on and stood still...
fearing that it would it be torn and return to strends of straw,
while trying to withstand the force of the dusty swirlwind with a composed will. 

* " East Of Midnight " is the song title