Written by: Poetryof Providence

I was raised in a prison of darkness
along walls of cement have I groped
the hearts here deep scarred and callous
no dreams of a child had I hoped
Starved for affection and famished
though surrounded by people alone
sixty four rooms I could roam in
but that place was never a home
Just one more workhouse to live in
my duties to serve and to clean
no pay for the labor was given
I was to work and be not seen
I could go days with seeing no parents
went to school and to work and to bed
my breakfast was in my room coffee
the feral cat entertained in the shed
This building has so many toilets
even the master one I must clean
I drop like a stone in my bed at night
I sleep so deeply to dead to dream
Though I live now this place with my father
it's no different than with strangers I slept
they too used me like a work horse
their houses the places I kept
Somewhere was lost to me childhood
not a human soul I could trust
I do not know love it is fiction
as into this life I was thrust
There were times I wished mother successful
where in the peace of death I would sleep
the pain of knowing I'm unwanted
was to much for this child to keep
I suppose it's this very reason
I recognize the true face of Love
the nigh hundred people I lived with
qualify not of that place to be of
I've been exposed to violence on children
and all their secrets I can confide
recognize the damage it does you
and those who these secrets do hide
It is easy to remain lost here
where no true tracks be seen on your road
where life has not direction or guidance
and one is broken by the weight of its load
But there are so many rooms in this prison
and each every one has its own trap
the master of death who has forged them
place these obstacles in every path
So while your searching for life and its answers
the only one worthy to steadfastly teach
should exist every day in your dealings
and your connections from greatest to least
I'll not care about the labor I give you
as long as love my load is light
we will share in living together
in our unity we can delight
I learned to take care of your body
but it takes two for the care of the soul
I could live alone here without you
but it's the sharing that makes us whole...
COPYRIGHT © 2012 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC