Exploitations Crystal Glass

Written by: John Rhinem

Darkness' epigraph amid this insatiable desire to penetrate and thus 

Manipulate, mannas created flesh....

Entities of which it has claimed as its own across these regions in existence!?

Conquest to be sought and whom should know better this quatrains truth 

Than I myself; facing regalias relentlessly determined median of woe

This heartless in cruel perhaps; reasons in part to be known

Mingled, throughout quislings coveted and lustful designs; exoriating....

But who decides, while these shadows mark slowly their lingering inside

Nature and natural born foes of choice or, are they?!

Chained unto invisible walls molded dungeons; protocols explosions igniting

An interludes brushed in blackened night; to pierce the purposes of, whom....


....The crystals glass in set piece exploitations ~