Supernova Skies

Written by: John Rhinem

And who's to blame??? Riding supernovas trail across the celestial sky ~

Escaping the realities of which always fill these, my weary eyes....

Wishing to make a heart smile and or to brighten anothers spirit; inside

Bringing hope in a world cracked to be broken unto its cerements core

Wherein the majority of life truly do not live at all; not really!?

Painting with pastels dipped into fragrant oils amid these sanctums

Ointments, to cover the sores within this lingering mask of death....

Trapped  aneath its box of misfit dreams; as lights continue to fade away 

In a hand full of sand upon this shore; existence, slipping into the sea?! 

Tainted; lives struggling everyday to grasp but another breath of fresh air

Gathering a morsel of food upon their empty and ofttimes, poisoned plates

To awake without a dream that none of them have ever seen; these....


....“Supernova Skies” *